Mary began working with M+S Group Accounting in both the Tax and Super Admin teams. Initially working two days per week from our Shepparton office, Mary was able to get some hands-on experience while she completed her studies.

In April 2018, Mary graduated from her Business Degree at La Trobe University. Now that Mary's exam are over, she has accepted a full-time position in the Super Admin team as Client Manager. Marys' hope is to be able to deliver a high standard of service to clients that not only helps to grow their wealth, but also strengthen the bond that clients have with M+S and staff.

In her spare-time Mary enjoys drawing, lettering and singing karaoke with family and friends. She is passionate about personal growth and has a strong belief in her Golden Rule of "All things therefore that you want men to do to you, you also must do to them".

Qualifications: B Acc